The siamese cat scratched the tabby’s coat to get rid of that fur ball.  The Laotian farmer went outside to tend to his goats, but kissed his wife from Lhasa first.  The great dane went up to the pen to watch his master feed the pigs tomatoes.  The ex-klansman from America sat amongst the Himban tribe in Nambia and told them about his football (soccer) playing days during middle school.  A Jewish family that lived in a remote area in Saskatchewan enrolled their daughter at the local high school where the students asked what her favourite Hebrew music was.  She replied, “It’s like yours, and I think Taylor Swift is so fresh.”

At last, the Scops owl sat by her nest and sang a quiet lullaby eying the leopard, asleep and dreaming of chasing that strange aardvark back to its burrow.

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