Reward and Punishment

The boy is sent to his bedroom early for bullying his sister.  The employee is given a raise for her good work at the corporation.

Is the boy being punished?  The parents may think so, or perhaps to learn a lesson?  Is the employee being rewarded, or merely deserving of the raise?

God says no to punishment.

“He” will send the boy to his bedroom to learn never to bully again, and if the boy insists on bullying again, “he” might recommend reformatory school?  Will the boy insist his ways are justified or will he back off and listen?

God doesn’t use the word reward.

“He” will give the employee the raise because it’s the most fair and proper thing to do.

Moreover, the drug dealer is thrown into prison for his corrupt ways.  God sees this as a way for him to learn, but also to protect society, as the earth is full of junk as it is.

The Buddhist monk insists he depart from Samsara because he feels he’s lived a righteous life well enough to move onto Nirvana.  God says, “Who cares. Since life is a journey, and your life beyond that is also such, but in the ways of love and kindness. Moreover, you should have a nice time as well, so go to the theatre and enjoy the Red Vines too.”

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