The Absence of Hell

When the wicked have moved on, God goes face to face and tells them “never again”, and they listen and perhaps mutter nervously, “sorry.”  Then, they sit in some type of prison for a while or more.

In our society, when a criminal is thrown in the penitentiary, he sits in his cell, leaves for meals and smoke breaks.  Does he have fire tossed at him?  Where is the brimstone?


The same applies to God, who isn’t a violent being.  So, this sort of abyss doesn’t exist.

Some may wonder about putting them into a dark place instead?  Maybe, only if they can learn from it, but it’s temporary.  However, there is no such thing as total blackness.  And eternity in prison is wrong, as it would suggest that God doesn’t understand forgiveness.

Again, don’t worry.  The wicked will still have to face God.

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