If you want to be part of the new universe, you have to learn to think of others, including animals.  Society can be very self-centered, and you have to assume you might be the victim too.

No rape, murder or stealing.  You don’t want that to happen to you, as well?  Right.

Set rates that are affordable.  You are a customer everywhere else you go.  Avoid purchasing goods or using services that you deem as too costly.

Don’t belittle or attack others.  You’ve felt that before, and you can learn to say no more.

Don’t unearth your trees.  The rain forests in Brazil were destroyed for the purposes of making a profit, and the corporations didn’t consider the tribes and animals that once resided there.

Don’t blame, nor place guilt on others.  Learn to listen peoples’ feelings, and they might happier when you speak with a concerned voice.

Maybe your Newfoundland wants to go out or play with a rubber ball, so if you hear him barking, think of something that will help him feel better.  Don’t pamper it too much, though.

Don’t go to the zoo anymore, as small compartments aren’t meant for animals.  If your Russian Blue cat likes jumping around and about, you wouldn’t put it in a cage, right?

Say hi to bystanders every now and then.  This world can be a cold, dark place, and who cares if someone smiles every now and then?

Make sure everyone around you has enough food, including the impoverished.  Shelter them too.

Watch a movie or a play a game, as even the compassionate ones need a break as well.


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