Where is God?

God sent the Dog to demonstrate “his” love, and God promises you for all eternity, because with the Dog, there is God.  Have no fear though as God isn’t the Dog, yet the Dog holds the truth too:

  • The Dog loves unconditionally, and resides with you even if you are wicked, but it might bite you.  However, if you promise to be nice, it will cheerfully jump on you.
  • The Dog doesn’t like jerk or bitchy behaviour, and it wants you to grow up, so take it for its daily walk.
  • The Dog knows that hell is wrong, as it will only see your suffering and cry too much.
  • The Dog appreciates it when you are having a good time, but not too much, as it wants you to take it outside so it can feel the sun’s warmth.
  • The Dog will wait for you even if you have to go to jail for being crooked, and will lick you upon release.

Yes, so if you are one of those who have done injustice, it’s not over.  God promises “he” will be with you in prison.  And the Dog knows you will be ok.

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