In a previous blog, I wrote about the same thing, but I want to reiterate the importance of animal protein.

God promised that someday we won’t need to slaughter animals, and that “he” will provide us the fish & meat we need.   The only problem is that it may be many years before that happens, and that our brains and bodies will not function accordingly if we are to stick with a plant-based diet.

Animal vs Plant Protein

Moreover, all of the B-12 shots you take will not do you justice, as people need the exact chemistry of chicken, beef, etc.  God says 2 to 3 servings of animal protein types per day.

Here’s an example of how I eat:


    • Eggs, toast, banana, orange juice, 2 cups of coffee
    • Lowfat cow’s milk yogurt, orange juice, banana, nuts, 2 cups of coffee
    • Cereal w’ banana and lowfat cow’s milk, orange juice, 2 cups of coffee


    • 225g fruit juice blend
    • Chicken salad, diet decaf soda or 112.5g juice
    • Almond butter and jelly sandwich, diet decaf soda or 112.5g juice


    • 225g BBQ chicken breast, rice, salad, diet decaf soda or a no to low sugar drink like powdered lemonade or Kool-Aid.
    • 175g salmon fettuccine, vegetables, wild rice, diet decaf soda (or low sugar drink)
    • 175g baked chicken thigh, mashed potatoes, vegetables, diet decaf soda (or low sugar drink)

I do enjoy desserts of all types, and make sure there is cow’s milk in it.  I recommend frozen lowfat yogurt once a week, and enjoy wallowing in a fattening favourite from carrot cake to raspberry ripple perhaps once a week.

I also drink some V-8 in the mornings to replace the need for vegetable portions.  In order to get quality sleep, try not to drink regular coffee past 09,00, and you may have a small glass of diet caffeinated soda for lunch.

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