We’re all unique, and that includes our appearance.  There is no one else that looks exactly like you, and if you have an “identical” twin, he or she would say “a touch here and there, perhaps.”  And be proud you’re the only John Smith or Mary Williams in the whole, wide world who looks like that.  But it is true that if you were born with an unusual name such as Ali’aso Cahaohainowiflie, you might look a little bit like Jane who lives down the street, but you’re not her, and don’t forget you’re the only Ali’aso out there!  No, I’m not implying that you need to change your name in order to stand out, simply because you already are completely distinctive just like the national insurance number you hold.

Wear whatever suits you, and put on the makeup, eyeliner or lipstick that personifies you the most.  And if you’re a guy like me, then don the hairstyle, and attire that suits you the most.  Let society think what they want, but remember you are you, and they cannot tell you otherwise.

Now for the fun part:

God promised that everyone will be young forever, so all wrinkles and frown lines will vanish.  Grey hair poofed, and head covered with hairs once again.  Arched back, straightened.  Everyone will also be free from their scars, birthmarks, drooping eye lids, crow’s feet, pot bellies, sagging skin, keratoses, and also all deformities will vanish in thin air.

It may not occur for another 10 to 20 years, but it is God’s ultimate plastic surgery plan, free for all!

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