God Is Not A Jerk

Perhaps you’ve had enough of judgemental society and wish to talk to someone more understanding and empathic than most?  The truth is yes, and God knows what you mean.

God is the greatest psychoanalyst the world has ever known.  However, “he” doesn’t need to analyze you; “he” knows you and is your best friend for all eternity.  You would think “he’s” similar to E.T., albeit a knowing being fully aware of the struggle of animals and humans alike.

God knows the meaning of love.  He says, “Hi, there.  I’m with you, when you need me.”
“He” hears your cries and says, “Yes.  I know what you mean and I will help you with that.” “He” doesn’t get angry either, then says “No, dear.  I understand fully.”

Yes, God is also kind of like your father from above, but not really.  “He’s” the consummate guide that preserves and protects the universe for all eternity.  So, “he” says “Your father will live forever too, and the two of you will go scuba diving in the Caribbean.”

And “he” wants all to first learn to be nicer to others.

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