The Garden Of Eden

God knows there is nothing wrong with naturism, and those who practice that lifestyle usually do it in the privacy of their homes, and may sometimes head for naturist beaches, clubs, resorts and parties.

In the coming of days, naturism will be more prevalent and people will become more tolerant of each other, hence fewer cliques.  It is true though that clothes are always fun to wear too, and you can outfit your favourite rock n’ roll t-shirt, and flared jeans when you go out for a night of dancing and/or karaoke.  Or perhaps out naked at night?

God says we will always alternate between being clothed and nude because it helps us connect with others and ourselves differently, and the thrill would diminish, especially if we were to remain naked.

Many years ago, I went to a nude beach and felt a freeing feeling, and recommend everyone to at least try getting a touch of something like that.  Perhaps, using your laptop while on bed, naked?  Or you could listen to music, play an instrument, do some artwork, yarning, etc whilst at home, bare?  Or go in your backyard and bare in the sun, or would you rather do some naked gardening?

2 thoughts on “The Garden Of Eden”

  1. It’s really neat to realize how many normal things you can do naked.In some cases it’s better like swimming naked and sleeping naked.In other cases like house cleaning naked it’s more tolerable.If God thought nudity was bad we wouldn’t have been born that way.

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