We hold similar characteristics of the race we closely belong to, but that’s simply because we’re closer in relation to thereof.  For instance, the Japanese are about 10,000 years old, and you can tell they are similar in certain aspects, yet are unique as opposed to their Chinese or even Korean neighbors, however you have seen there is some commonality amongst the three groups, as well as their neighbouring Laotian, Thai, Malay counterparts simply because their common ancestor goes back about 300,000 years or so.  The French people are unique to that of the Germans and the Portuguese, because they have dwelled in their region for over thousands of years, however they also share some commonality with that of their Spanish, Italian, Slovak, etc. counterparts of about 1.8 million years.  The people of South Africa are unique towards to those from the Congo because they have resided in that region for 3 million years, yet have a similar background to their relatives of Liberia, Ethiopia, and Chad of over 7 million years.  And their people moved to Europe, Asia and to the Americas.  Yes, as we have seen the common theme simply because we all are human beings, thus we have the capability to play each other every 4 years in the Olympics.


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