God promises to those who learn to be more aware of other peoples’ and animals’ needs will join us in the new foundation of truth, of love and of peace.

Most people will have some type of employment, yet will not need to work more than maybe 15 hours a week.  So, you most likely won’t be unhappy with your job, and you can always register for something else if you want to embark on something new.  You may also do a hobby-job type of thing such as selling handcrafted jewelry, or selling personal artwork, or making own garments for about 5 or so hours a week, but not too much, as too much work is toil and there’s many other things to do as well.

People won’t need to sleep much, as God will fix everyone up, and will give us about 10 hours of dozing time per week.  Sleep exists because our bodies need to fully recover, and by appropriate rest, we are kept from doing excess.  Also, our minds will go on overdrive if we stay awake for too long.

In the meantime, there’s a lady who wants to do secretarial work.  She currently lives in Beirut and is tired of mean-spirited, dishonest people.  She has a 7 year old son, and her husband is decent and supportive.  The family joins the foundation, and are accomodated just like that.

The husband wants to know if he can do some type of military work, as he previously worked for the Lebanese Commando Regiment. The problem is it is different.  There are no battle corps in Utopia, so he is suggested to try some type of police work.  Cops are existent because people can still make mistakes, however there is nothing severe such as rape or murder.

So, he gets a job, and works 3 days a week, 5 hours each day.  Yep, but he also wants to teach the high school students fitness, so his police job is changed to 12 hours and now teaches 6 hours.

The lady works three days a week as well, and she feels more involved and is able to input her opinions more readily than her previous job.  It is true that Beirut was a difficult experience for her, but the city can and will change too.

The son goes to school from 8,30 to 11,00 four days a week.  He also plays video games, board games, spends time with the dog, watches cartoons, and who knows what else!

The husband wants to know what else there is to do aside from work.  The lady says the same and knows there is no point in utopia unless there is something entertaining to do as well.

He goes to football practice twice a week, and plays matches every 3 to 5 days.  He also plays golf once a week, gets involved in the bridge league, and does yoga once a week.  It is encouraged to do some cardiovascular exercise throughout the week, for maybe 30 minutes at a time, so he takes a spin class and runs the treadmill at the nearby gym.  He needs to keep his mind sharp, so he takes a photography and biology class, and indulges in math riddles at least twice a week.

And of course the lady enjoys her free time as well.  She makes pottery, takes baking classes and spends time playing the violin with the orchestra. She also wants to sing, but her voice isn’t the best, however is encouraged to write songs because it’s all just for fun.  She’s not really into athletics, however needs to be involved with some type of fitness, so she takes a 30 kilometre bike ride with her friends once a week, and also does pilates and uses the Stairmaster.

The family spends several nights a week together and sometimes Saturday mornings.  Because it’s not recommended to dwell together 7 days a week, 365 days a week for all eternity, they both spend time with different people.  When they are together, however, they enjoy playing board games, watching movies, taking hikes with the dog, picnics, the beach, potlucks, BBQs and etc etc etc.

The son enjoys playing with his friends and wants his cousin to join too, yet the father knows it’s a terrible earth still, and tells him to be patient as his parents have yet to change.   However the issue is overheard, and there is an effort to bring the cousin over.  It told it is possible, however his parents aren’t the cruel sort, so it may be unwise to do this sort of thing unless of course, something wrong happens.

Someday, peace on earth.  Right now we just have to do the best possible and take care of ourselves, and others as well.

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