The World’s Animals

God promised that all of the animals will be free as well, and that includes their release from the world’s zoos.  I know you may enjoy visiting them, but they aren’t meant to reside in cages, as it would be the same as sending your pet to one.

Only criminals belong in such cages, and God said “he” will free the innocent ones someday.

It may not be for another 15 to 25 years before the animals are back with their families.  The animals, however, cannot be released back into the wild, lest they may get confused about their surroundings and die.  So, you could always write to your local zoo and ask them to transform the area to make it more spacious.  One such example would be like that of Howletts Wild Animal Park in Canterbury.

Here’s a list of wild animal parks the zoo owners could borrow ideas from:
World’s Safari Parks

At least the animals would be happier if the zoos are reshaped, as they need the necessary space to move about.

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