Happy Holidays

I hope many of you are enjoying your Christmas with your loved ones, presents and all!  I encourage all of you, especially to those not celebrating, to do something special.

  • Check out your local theatre and see what’s playing.
  • Some restaurants should be open.  Grab a pizza at least.
  • Slide down the hill with a snowboard.
  • Play games with friends and family members.
  • Go to evening mass.  Even if you’re not Christian, just say “Hi, but King David suggested it.”  If that bores you too much, then leave early for Chinese food, in the traditional Jewish sense.
  • Tell others about King David. “He might, might be the K…?  umm I’m not sure, well hmm.”
  • Preach the word! “God says hello! “He” knows about love and doesn’t judge anyone. Also, because David said so. Right? Who knows and I suppose.”
  • Play some funny music.

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