Is God Hiding?

“He” has been with us forever, yet has been revealing “himself” in ways in order to make us a tad curious that “he” might be around us, but just enough to keep us suspicious and then perhaps to brush off the idea that “he” was there after all.  Such an example would be checking your pocket to find a paperclip where you had no recollection of putting in, then wondering if someone else got involved, but then again realizing the paperclip was there from the other day.  Maybe the possibility of God being around you is pushed aside, and “he” never put your paperclip anywhere, makes the example appear somewhat unavailing, but at least you wondered?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound convincing, but it might be the whole point?  It is that God keeps the idea of “himself” floating around, and all we can do is wonder, and hold that with us.

Also, God made “himself” appear angry, vengeful and punitive in the Tanakh (Old Testament) and isn’t that way even one bit.  It is instead like residing with E.T., a being that knows what love is all about, and how to take care of us fully.  “He” does know morality and justice, however, and promises the wicked will go to the dungeon.

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