Judgmental Society

If you want to be a part of the new universe, you will have to learn to accept the differences in people.  As you walk to the office, perhaps you take it for granted seeing that crow perched on the hydrant, and that squirrel nibbling the acorn, but you still sometimes have to deal with the sneers and grimaces from the world.

If you’re a truly content and assured person, it doesn’t matter what others think.  Right?  But, the point is who wants to deal with bad-tempered society forever?  God says people will have to learn modesty and accept that there are different types of people, some for you to befriend, and some maybe more for a different sort.  Yes, people have fraternal and sororal chemistry for others, and so you mingle with whom you feel connected to the most.  But it doesn’t mean a different band of people are your enemies, so instead God will have you play volleyball against them, and then maybe a potluck afterwards.  And they weren’t so devastating a bunch after all, right?

God will probably have everyone bare, and it will be fine, since it will make us a little bit more tolerant of each other more.

Cultural and ethnical differences are beautiful too, yet we won’t have to deal with the  various religions pounding us, nor political warfaring since it will be utopia forever.

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