24 Hours

This is utopia in 3315.

Birmingham. Sunday.  Enter Tommy.

11,30 pm – 2,15 am lovefest with 3 ladies and another gent mate  And God promised sensuality forever.
2,15 Tommy returns home and rides his elliptical for 25 minutes. 3,05 He heads for the shower and one his wives gives him a kiss. Plural marriage is actually fun, and no one needs to waits around for each other as much.
3,20 – 5,10 Naps, and God promised about maybe 10 hours of sleep a week.
5,15 Puts on tennis attire, and turns on weather channel. God will adjust everything to prevent blizzards, hurricanes yet rain and snow should stay. And the Sahara may be filled with lush gardens.
5,55 Eats Frosted Flakes with lowfat milk, coffee and orange juice. It is a modest breakfast, and no one has diabetes nor obesity ever again.
6,25 Heads for the tennis court and meets one of his mistresses, her friend and male companion.  So, Tommy has wives, lovers and friends forever. God will help you with that too.
8,45 Aggressive, exciting play and 3 sets are completed. He loses, but knows there’s sports forever and then ice hockey practice on Tuesday.
9,05 Returns home to shower, and it’s nude hiking, with boots on, so he meets his son at 9,20 and they’re both the same age, as everyone is about college age more or less. So they grab their backpack with chicken sandwich and apple juice and I’m not exactly sure how the transportation part will work. Space age flying cars? Not sure.
12,15 Reach summit, and no need for sunblock. God made the sky perfect.
They both head down and see friends come up, and all plan a camping trip at Kilmory Bay, Scotland.
2,10 And Tommy takes his 3rd shower, with one of his wives arranging to meet him, and then together time until 4,25.
4,40 He needs some mental stimulation, so he does about 35 minutes of crossword puzzles.
5,15 Puts on nice outfit, and heads for the dining pub to meet his business partner. Tommy works about 12 hours a week with this specific assignment, and does other interesting things maybe 5 – 7 hours. All play and no work in utopia isn’t good for the soul, and God will arrange everything for you.
5,55 He has a plate of banger and mash and they both discuss work, and also about a planned summer cruise to Iceland.
7,10 His friend heads off and then Tommy meets one of his 12 wives, and 2 of her friends at a Japanese fire festival.
1,15 am He meets his lover at her pad, where they spend 2 or so hours alone.

And God will tailor heaven just for you too.

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