24 Hours Part 2

Frankfurt. 3715 AD. Enter Melissa.


10,30 pm – 2,30 am Serves & makes cocktails at local discotheque. God promised fulfilling types of careers for all.
2,40 Meets lesbian girlfriend, and both spend desired time together. Melissa is bisexual and has a husband. God wants lesbians, gays and bisexual folks to be happy too. And the transgendered will be just fine in their own body.
5,10 Heads for the gym and does a spin cycle class for 45 minutes.
6,15 Arrives at boyfriend’s house. She enters shower, and he has soap in hand. 7,05  They both enjoy Bauernfruhstuck with orange juice and coffee. She then gives him a shoulder massage and acknowledges she will see him on Saturday afternoon for sailing.
8,30 Arrives for French class, and wants to learn Spanish down the road.
9,45 Goes to library, and spends time doing homework.
11,10 Heads for husband’s pad, and enter’s darkroom. She develops pictures for Sunday’s exhibit, and hopes to sell several once again.
12,25 She calls her son who was born in 1709 and life is much better these days, with advanced technology. He mentions everything is great in Antwerp, and acknowledges he will see her in 2 months when he returns to Wiesbaden. God wants people to live in 2 or 3 different cities or towns throughout the year in order to allow flexibility and greater appreciation of dwellings outside of “hometown.”
12,45 It is time to bare, and then Melissa goes shopping downtown for ski equipment. She finds great boots. It’s a bit expensive, but overpriced (nor underpriced) items don’t exist in utopia. She thinks it will last for the next twelve years, which is good enough.
2,10 She is still naked, but there is still time for her golf lesson. She’s not a big fan, but is eager to fix her swing perfectly, and maybe in 732 years will she be fit for some serious competition? Yeah, that’s the nature of the beast when it comes to that terrible sport. But she knows she’s not much of an athlete, and God wants everyone to be happy doing different things.
3,50 Returns to her husband’s to shower, and he greets her.  So, some alone time for both.
5,55 Arrives at restaurant at local discotheque, and serves food and drink. She works there 3 times a week and also helps at the bookstore over the weekend.
9,10 She goes over to her friend’s for some games and love with gals and guys. …exits at 1,15 am.

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