How To Serve God

If we live forever this way, then we will never be happy.  It is true the bible says that we instead must be submissive, but the truth is not to worry about it.  So, I may just have to tell the religious folks to be patient, until they are convinced God wants them to feel freer.

If God wants us to be nicer, then what are we doing to make him feel better?  “He” is happy if we change for the better, but wants us to have a wonderful life too.  “He’s” unconcerned about being a master, otherwise it will suggest “he’s” a tyrant, yet rather “he” knows how to be a supportive being who will be there for all eternity.

“He” might have confused most people that “he’s” endlessly angry at the world, however that would instead render him more intolerant and less understanding than maybe some people who refer to a criminal’s terrible childhood, then try to help others empathize that person.

So, God says Charles Manson goes to the dungeon for 50 years flat, and then a process of other things, so he may not have much fun until 2326.  Right, no excuses for being evil.

It is somewhat analogous to a good police officer who doesn’t roll around with anger day after day over corruption, yet instead arrests all those terrible trolls, and then says “let’s go, boy,  in the cell you go.”

In God’s way, “he” does feel horrible, and horrible, and I mean horrible over the world’s suffering, but “he” knows “he” has to be patient with the current situation.  So, have no fear as “he” knows the truth about injustice, and administers “his” duty.

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