How To Cure Racism

There are many breeds of pooches worldwide, from the Dalmation of Croatia, from the Pug of China, from the Golden Retriever of Scotland, from the Chihuahua of Mexico, to the Giant Schnauzer of Germany, to the Samoyed of Siberia, to the Akita of Japan, to the Mastiff from the Assyrian Empire all waiting to give you a kiss, and often you let them.

So what is the problem?

There is the Amhara, the Czech, the Malay, the Munda, the Latvian, the Kanuri, the Kinh, the Ukrainian, the Micronesian, the Berbers, and the Sukuma all there to say hello, maybe.

That’s not a problem, right?

Well, you might go and meet them too!  God wants endless travel expeditions everywhere forever and ever.  For finer appreciation of the culture, the food, and the scenery of the regions.  And yes, it will be fabulous.

Considering, it’s also a plural marriage world ahead of us, how do you know your partners will all be of the same ethnic background?  And God may want you to date a few different people, and even abroad, if that means taking you from Istanbul, Turkey to meet a beautiful lady in Paraguay or perhaps one of your wives who is from Accra, Ghana might want to meet a gentleman in Montreal?

So what is the problem?

Remember where your Abyssinian cat is from, and the Ragdoll from the United States, and the Korat from Thailand.

You can pet them too, and perhaps you reside near a Andalusian horse or Lundy pony and you don’t worry about its ethnicity, right?

Right.  It doesn’t matter.

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