Is Utopia Hedonistic?

According to wikipedia, ethical hedonism states that people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them.  My view is that people have no right to do anything to do anything “extraordinary” unless it is in accordance with God.  That it should be harmonious rather than self-seeking.  Then you may indulge wisely considering it’s not immoral, and regard the others around you too.

Moreover, hedonism states pleasure and happiness are the primary or most important intrinsic goods and the aim of human life.  The problem is there is nothing wrong with pleasure and happiness, but the goal is love and companionship, including with animals, for all eternity.  Utopia is about love forever, and God is with everyone.  We can enjoy the finer things of life, but we are not to overindulge, lest we can become spoiled and sometimes neglect others.  We also have to learn balance, and we do work and chores too, but it is not with too much effort.

The key is to be a better person, and yes you can have a beautiful life as well.

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