Duty For Faith

It is the same thing over and over, that people generally stick with their religious mannerisms, and maintain that pattern until “death.”  And all of that is about to change sooner or later.

The reason is the truth about God.  And he will eliminate “death.”

So, I ask the Catholic family that goes to mass every Sunday “Do you know the truth about the origins of the Papacy?  Did its early leaders really know the facts about Jesus?”

I tell the atheist to wait a little longer.  All of the logic puzzles in the world will not disprove God’s existence, so maybe we can play some backgammon once that situation has finally been remedied.

I tell the Afghan family “Are you sure about Mohammad?  Have you ever wondered about the violent nature of Islam?”  No, and you are not at fault because your ancestors and ancestors’ ancestors you learned from, and they kept their practice, “But, how do you know they held the truth?”

I ask the Mormon “How do you know the truth about Joseph Smith?  Where are the golden plates, and where is the evidence they even existed?”

I ask the rabbi “How do you know you need to follow 613 mitvah for all eternity? Is pork really an immoral food?  Is it really a vice to wear a nice pair of jeans?”

Then I ask the Buddhist monk, “Show how me that the cycle of rebirth can exist without any entity granting such?  And how do you know you have to go through that pattern especially since you can’t clearly recall your past life, in order to learn from it?”

Then I tell the Scientologist to explore the Satanic theme behind its roots.

And God said L. Ron Hubbard and all other charlatans go through some type of difficult process for hurting people, including animals too.

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