Should I Go To Church?

Because religion won’t be a factor in utopia, people may inquire about that every now and then.

I still go to shul, perhaps to get some peace of mind, even though I may not agree with the rabbi or with Judaism’s practices.  You can still go, if you need to, and you can also go alone perhaps during the middle of the week, if you need some time to meditate, or pray. Take as long as you need, and do what you think is best for you.

Moreover, we may end up doing something once a month.  It could something similar to going to services, yet it won’t be some type of service for God, but a way to help us with balance and/or modesty.

Or maybe not?  God says as long as it isn’t too rigid, and he wants us to be free spirits, yet also do certain things because we know we will need, in order to help ourselves and others.

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