The Truth About Love

Considering God knows what being understanding is, “he” knows without it, there would be undue criticism towards others, including animals.  It is normal for humans, and even animals to sometimes ridicule where we would otherwise refrain from doing, since we may defend ignorance over the issues.  So, it is God’s mission to teach us the meaning, and help us back off from doing it ever again.  And it is done with greater tolerance.

God knows what empathy is, beyond near infinity, and because of this, we can trust “he” will preserve the heavens, and the earth, for all eternity.

God also knows what a jerk, and an arsehole is, and tells the bitch to be patient.  “He” has to reassure them, that “he” isn’t a tyrant, a bully, nor full of arrogance, as people may surmise, and eventually the mean-spirited ones can change for the better.  So, yes, “he” knows religion has made people mad and conceited, and “he” knows what that means, as well.

So, God isn’t self-centered as the bible makes him.  “He” allowed for that to be written of “him”, and promised revelation for all.

God is our authority of truth, rather than warlordism, and knows how to help the world be freer from injustice, for the people, and the animals.  So, yes, “he” is our provider, forever.

Moreover, God doesn’t need anything in return, just as Martin Luther King wanted equal rights for American black folks, and didn’t seek some type of stipend for doing service.  And Mr. King was with God, too.

Yet, there is nothing wrong with saying thanks to God, just as you do to the waitress that brings you roast lamb and cabbage.

And God says to say “thanks”, as long as it comes from within, rather than by duty.

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