What Laws To Follow

Life in utopia might be like living in Leeds, or Sheffield.  The sun is out, yet still hazy, and we make our way to the office, albeit a shorter work day, because there is always something else intriguing to experience.  The miniature golf date this afternoon, and the bonfire at 21,00.

God knows endless duty and obligation depresses our inner child, as it seeks to explore and fantasize endlessly, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The trick is to harness it wisely, yet allow it to indulge when appropriate.  Right, so there is less suppression.  And God wants people to have a beautiful life forever.

It is possible some people might inquire, “What if it is my dream to hurt?”  Well, then you might have to pray to God and ask “him” to fix you up, as that goes against the nature of love and kindness.  Those seek to harm the world, may have learned while children, can eventually undo it, and God has a path for them.  Or they can instead just shut up and play a measly game of parcheesi with their siblings.

God may also have them play battleship or video boxing for a while or more, until they are ready for something tamer, and appropriate, because those two games are at least better than engaging in actual violence.

If you think you can be decent, and kind, then you can walk the streets of Inverness, or Cardiff freely.  It is a matter of not being crooked, or behaving mean-spirited and callous towards others.  And, true, there is joy amongst us, so perhaps much of the lot will change for the wiser.

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