Money Can Be Fun

Yet, greed is self-defeating, and there’s no reason why you can’t share with others.

God says “he” owes me millions of quid for all of the terrible suffering I endured, plus extra to make a point about the monarchy for all eternity.

So, money can be fun?  Winning cash after playing a round of poker is a good feeling, and a modest amount of gambling is recommended for many, so why not travel hundreds of kilometres to spend the weekend maybe twice a year at Casino di Campione?  People need entertaining times doing different things, and that’s one option.

I want to watch every single malnourished person eat a McDonalds hamburger.  Sure, they can wait until after the end of the first week until after they’ve eaten something simple and basic, or they will throw up if they try the fries right off hand.

I want to see corporations throw away bonuses to hard-working employees, to make a point that excess is futile.

I don’t really care at this point about money, except that I need this flat with computer, large tube, and a decent bed for as long as possible until it’s time to move on, and if there is going to be a royal palace, then amazing.  As long as I have my computer, television, and bed, that’s all that counts… kind of, but I am curious, indeed.  Also, I need a decent kitchen, as I love food and need to prepare.  Plus, I’m used to substantial living as my family is of above-average range, so God says I should live amongst the poor for a week or so, to experience it.  Obviously, I want poverty rendered obsolete although it might be interesting to visit with people that may not need any income such as the Korowai in Papua New Guinea or the Tsawana of Botswana.


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