The Beginning Of Heaven

God knew to wait, although God doesn’t wait, as “he” teaches all about the essence of living the moment.  Yet, part of the reason for “waiting” thus long has to with the timing, allowing for the advancement of technology, and God knows people will appreciate using the computer forever.

God also knows we will watch television when needed, and go to the cinema every now and then, but never forget the plays of the past, as well.

So, the 17th century wasn’t the right time, no?  Maybe, they were fine then too, but it’s even better, eh?  So, go ballroom dancing if you wish, or stick with roller skating if you prefer.  And someday, I will go on a inline skating trail by the ocean, to appreciate scenic beauty once again.  In Florida?  It’s possible.

The ease of transportation is also to be noted, and God will make it easier so there are no accidents ever again.

We also must embrace nature, and animal life, and sometimes set aside our 21st century binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes, which we can have for all eternity, and then again the 22nd century models too.  Yes, tapping of the human mind, as God wants us to utilize when needed.  Physics, math, literature, and more homework, too. Boo?  Nah, it will be healthy, as long as there’s not too much to do, right?

Also, theme parks from Disney World to Europa Park, and the waterslides everywhere, for all.

It will be a great time, for everyone.  But, we won’t indulge too often, but modestly, however.

It was Willy Wonka food adventure for many of the kids of the 20th century.  And, how are Fruit Loops and Coco-Nutty Granola for you, once or twice a week?  And God says eat your eggs and toast, and then you can enjoy all of the candies of the world, from Cadbury to Ptasie Mleczko to Hershey’s, but not too often, and enjoy a nice cake, even just once a week.  And pizza, everywhere, already?

It is true that we’ve become a spoiled world, yet God will help us with that.  We will instead do things in moderation, and it will be good for everyone’s soul.

Mozart wants to play forever, and knows there are more sounds to explore, and if the Beatles weren’t enough, what about dance pop and jazz-funk?

Later, I will do some reading, and some can use their eBook.

Ehhh.. yeah, I do sometimes prefer the books of the past, and someday I will chat with the cave painters from 10,000 years ago.

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