Jannah’s 72 Virgins?

God knows there is no such thing, and you’re better off taking care of your beautiful family and your lovely wife before you embark on another Jihad, and if you do such a thing, you may end up going to the dungeon for many, many years.

Yet, why are the women more special if they are virgins?  Once you make love to them, that ceases, but will you at least spend time with them for all eternity?  Yes, that’s why I would rather remain on earth, and be patient over that situation.  Granted, I believe in friendship, and will want to spend time with each one the right way, to see if it will work out for that type of thing.   So, I’m not into arranged marriage unless God says she’s the right one.  I will then say, ok, but can we get to know each other first?  Exactly, maybe I’m like Eddie Murphy in “Coming To America” going to Sri Lanka or Hungary to relish a nice date, I suppose

Yes.  Shall we go to the movies, then?

And, you can do the same thing too.  And (again), screw virginity, otherwise, how will you make love?

Plus, utopia will not be a man’s world.  It’s for everyone, including the animals.  Also, the ladies don’t want to sit around waiting for you, so they will something else, as God wants all to be content.

Also, 72 might be too much for you.  God will give you the right number, from 4 to 185, as everyone is different, and there are folks that don’t want marriage, but different types of love connections.

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