No More Double Standards

Obviously much of western culture has evolved where women can hold higher ranking positions, and can have more of a say in their marriages.  Yet, I’m here to make sure both feel at ease with one another, and that there is no denigration or subservience.  It will be utopia, where men and women will regard each other as equals.

There is the argument that the man has the right to make a decision if there is prolonged argument between man and woman.  The answer is no, as the man isn’t superior but equal, and both can continue to work it out, or talk with someone else about it if it can’t be resolved.

The women cover their faces in Islam, so that men don’t have sexual feelings.  Well, what if the ladies have feelings for the men, since the men’s faces are uncovered?  There is nothing wrong with attraction, and this is an unfair oppressive law anyway.

Women can’t shake men’s hands out of certain modesty reasons, like with ultra-orthodox Judaism.  There is nothing wrong with shaking hands, and it doesn’t have to obligatory, yet customary.

If the husbands pay the bills, so they are the bosses of the family?  Well, the ladies can work if they want to, but if you want everlasting marriage, it is with your partner forever and that means your perfect equal.

Only men can be priests?  There won’t be priesthood down the road, and the women can talk about their views as well.

Women should not go out and cause men to sin?  Well, if the man did something wrong, then he knew well enough not to.  There is no proof that women can be more evil than men, and people can always change to become better.

Women will become power-corrupt if David lets this happen?  No, because utopia is all about everyone treating each other fairly, and don’t forget to make sure your pets are doing fine too.

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