What Next?

Well, I need to shelf the current Cookie Crisps and Frosties, and other “fun” types of cereals that have fibre in them. The reason is to keep the products original, and if people want something fibrey, they can always alternate with something like Cheerios or Bran Flakes.  Then, the updated Cookie Crisps, Frosties, etc. will be without it.  Also, God says that it may no longer be in cereals during utopia, as people will feel better without it.

I, then have to submit a fine to that barrister who overcharged some clients.  If you want to be a part of utopia, there is nothing wrong with making good money, but you have to think of the people you help out, as well.

I, then have to call the Dalai Lama and make sure his love life is boding well,  Considering he had been chaste his entire life, what else did he know?

I, then have to go to an assembly where there are recovering Mormons, and reassure them that drinking alcohol in moderation is fine, and it won’t necessarily lead them into darker alleys, where they might be tempted to try heroin.  The point is there is nothing wrong with feeling better about yourself, and God will help everyone with that.

And, now it’s time for the FIFA World Cup on the tube.  See you again, tomorrow!

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