An Image of King David?


No, I promise you that’s not me, and I’m not sure where that guy is from?  Maybe Italy?  My relatives actually came from Poland and Russia, and of course, their ancestors left Israel maybe 500 years or more?


And I would like to go skiing again eventually.  Probably just for a few days, as I’m not a huge fan, but it’s a great feeling nonetheless.  I think everyone should at least head for the slopes someday, including the malnourished in Ethiopia.  And when everyone is properly fed, then the world will at least be a huge step freer.  Or totally free?  Only God knows the truth, as heaven is a process.

theravada-buddhism-1856677_1920.jpgAlso, can someone tell these nice people they don’t need to dress like that anymore?  It’s too monastic, and it looks depressing.  Although, the food does look fabulous, and maybe I’ll join them someday.


Elvis says hello, and God says to wait awhile before showing my picture.  It’s a little too much pressure right now, since all of this is kind of new to me.

Right, the early days of heaven.

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