On Tobacco Use

God promised drug addiction will whisk away, yet “he” knows humans have always liked to experiment with different plants for medicinal or recreational purposes, so “he” will provide the goods for us.  The reason actually has to do with health, as some of the substances will help us think clearly, yet also will alleviate our stresses, and will give us those free feelings that may entertain us in strange ways.

As for cigarettes, God may have a pack of 2 out at stores near you for £1.00 more or less, depending on the brand.  So people will be able to buy one for themselves, or share it with a mate, every 4 or 5 days.  It will just be for fun, and there will be minimal craving for such.

Pipes may still be around, and you may be able to use one once a week, however not more than that, since utopia is all about moderation.  I’m not sure if cigars will still be around, as they are awfully heavy, yet maybe in rare instances you can partake.


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