When Is Heaven On Earth?

God doesn’t want us to be fixated about the future.  The reality is the moment, and what you hold is the whole essence of actuality, so leave next week’s budget deadline, to merely regard, rather depend on.  And it will come eventually, yet you’re there to deliver the best possible, so give yourself credit for that.

It may not happen for another 20 years or more, before the earth comes to peace with the moon, and the sun with the Helix Nebula, and God will make everything perfect for us.  The cessation of wars and poverty forever, yet “he” wants us to learn a while longer first.  As we have done for the last thousands and 10s of thousand years, we will be able to wait patiently, with God beside us.  So, I don’t have the answer, yet I know it will happen someday, as “he” promised it.

In the meantime, plan a cruise to Seychelles or a beach trip to Cancun.  Although, indulge in something different every now and then, such as going to a local carnival, beer tasting festival, or a weekend shopping spree at a classy mall.

We do all need a touch of bliss every now and then.

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