A World Of Bears

God wanted me to bring up the Asian black bear, the Grizzly of North America, the Kodiak brown bear of Alaska, the Polar bear of the Arctic, the Sloth bear of India, the Panda bear of China, the Gobi bear of Mongolia, and if we see each one, we will know they are different from one another, right?  And each of them are from different parts of the world, just like the James’s Flamingo dwells primarily in the Andeas wheres the Flores crow inhabits Indonesia.

There is no problem knowing that there are differences, and all are beautiful to God.

Yes, so are you too.  Right, the human family, including the Cherokee from Eastern United States, the Kanembu of Chad, and the Norwegian peoples.

Perhaps some of the animals are vicious and cruel?  Well, God will teach them to grow up, just like that too.  And tell the bullies you know that heaven will come someday, and the “laws” are of niceness and fairness, and they can learn if they want, just like that as well.

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