“Do The Jews Rule The Earth?”

Someone asked that question a few weeks ago, and I told them that I didn’t think there was an specific ruling party.  It seems like the world’s chiefs are just bickering with each other how to get things done, which is the reason for an upcoming new world system where everyone will know about the meaning of God, hence there won’t be so much conflict.

True, there is nothing wrong with a little debate, and something similar to United Nations may exist for all eternity, which may include tribes like the previously mentioned American indian clan, yet also the Aborigines, and it’s possible as many as 500 or so people will represent each “nation” or people’s group.

My role is to help out, and make sure things run smoothly.  There may also be 5 queens beside me, and a parliament where government duties will take place.  And no more dictatorship or evil control ever again.

God will be with us.  Forever.


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