King David’s Favourite Dishes

I’m going to note the best I’ve tried, per region, since there is too much to list.

Arab – I like the plate as a whole, with baba ghanoush, hummus, meat, bread and whatever else they serve at family gatherings as well as restaurants.
British – Fish and chips, an old favourite.
Cajun – They have a lot of fun things to try such as the crawfish, as well as blackened fish choices.
Chinese – General Tso’s Beef, and it won’t work without vegetables, rice and maybe Moo Shu. Considering I go several times a year, I’d rather order something different each time, and they have a wide array on their menus.
Ethiopian – Injera, a sponge-type of bread you mix with sample of food on table. Entertaining to try them.
French – As a kid, I thought eating escargot was kind of exciting. There’s a lot I haven’t tried, though I loved the bouillabaisse.
General American – I love ordering french fries on their plates, and will watch my weight at it too.
Greek – A Gyros sandwich is always fun, and among their most popular.
Indian – The entire works when dining with family and friends such as naan bread, rice, vegetable biryani, and chicken masala.
Italian – Pizza, forever. Ravoli, and chicken marsala, yet always look for something else interesting.
Japanese – Sushi is one of the finest in the world, yet I may have to wait until the fish is no longer raw, but grilled. Yep, that came from God.
Jewish Deli – Lox and bagels is a tradition, although I love pickled herring.
Korean – Lettuce, with BBQ chicken or beef with unusual spices to dip.
Mexican – Fajitas, beans and rice. Big burritos with cilantro, beef, salsa, rice in them are to die for.
Russian – I’ve had it twice, yet the only time I visited New York City was the famous Tea Room, now closed. If I meet Putin, I’ll ask for something interesting.
Seafood – I love clam chowder and French-style soups.
Spanish – The rice and beans combination, although I need to try the paella someday.
Thai – Pad thai is one of the greatest dishes ever. I love their spicy coconut soup too.
Vietnamese – Their bahn mi sandwiches, and look forward to having their dishes spicy.

And, I still want the hungry people to eat a McDonalds hamburger eventually, and an American apple pie to gobble. Then, they can visit country clubs, once we have them all attired. Don’t worry, we will tell them to be polite.

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