Say Goodbye To Jesus

The most important thing is that God is with us for all eternity, and what if I weren’t the King?  It could’ve been someone else, like maybe Gene Wilder, but he wasn’t quite the right fit, so God said “Hi David, here’s the title.”

I believed in Jesus too and I thought he saved me from damnation, yet there is no such thing as hell.  I moved on, just like your children said goodbye to Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and it’s all cool, as long as families still have vacations, picnics and other fun outings together.

You still have the bible, the Tanakh, otherwise known as the Old Testament.  Right, you won’t need the New Testament anymore.  So, we can all learn from each other about God, “his” knowledge of love and kindness, forevermore.



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