On Having Children

I wish some couples would analyze their current situation beforehand.  The reason is some of your children don’t have enough food to eat, because there isn’t enough money to feed everyone.  Make sure you have enough expenses before you decide on having a baby.  Also, make sure the housing is appropriate, and don’t let your kids grow up in terrible places.

Undernourishment is a global problem, and the stats show about 7 million or more in United Kingdom, and 3 more million in Australia suffer.  Yet, the developing countries in Asia and Africa struggle the most, and it is my dream to watch those people eat nice food someday, and even go on a picnic with them one of these days.

Speaking of which, why not adopt instead?  If you want a child of your own, perhaps your second kid could be from a foster home or orphanage, as there are over 100 million kids living without parents?

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