Step Aside, President Trump?

Oh, I don’t know!  Perhaps, he can help out?  Only God knows when I will partake in duties pertaining to the United States and its surrounding territories.

If granted, I would like to help set prices on goods so that excess is tossed away.  I also want to:

  • Change current taxation so that poverty becomes less, and less, till complete annihilation.
  • Make zoos better for the animals, until God frees them all.
  • Force employers to pay everyone adequately so their families can eat fully, and live in habitable dwellings.
  • Tell all priests that Messiah is here, and he says to find a dream job, and go on hot dates with other ladies, or men, that is.
  • Encourage hate organizations to close their doors.  Considering we will have eternity of utopia, you have to learn to get along, so read my anti-racist pages.  Or maybe you can keep your Ku Klux Klan rally going if you let me and my black friends in too?
  • Ask the kids if they really want to learn, and the teachers really want to teach?  God knows you need to keep your brain in gear for all eternity, because learning is nourishment as well.
  • Perhaps keep some petting zoos open, from 13,00 to 15,00 three days a week, as the animals also want to roam around freely.  The children and some beautiful grownups need animal awareness at it too, and the billy goats enjoy playing with us too.
  • Outlaw bias news.  The purpose is to share the truth, right?  Nothing wrong with opinion-sharing in panels, however.
  • Tell terrorists that God is not a violent being, and hopefully they will listen and “he” promised someday, there will be no more war.

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