The King Of United States?

If you dwell within this nation, then I say hello to you as your friendly neighbour.  God says I own that land, and it is my responsibility to help maintain it, for all eternity.

I’m not exactly sure how it works?  God tells everyone I’m the one to listen to, or someone else shows me the microphone?  No worries, as I’m still the King, even to those that live in remote areas such as Nauru or tragic such as Somalia, and I hope everyone listens as I want everyone to help out, make sure everyone eats, and to be decent to each other.

I tell everyone it’s similar to life in Liverpool, where you pay the bills, do nothing wrong, go to karaoke, hang out at a nice club, take care of the kids, and your Yorkshire pup.  That is which replaces religion, is to live in accord and to recognize that God is with you for all eternity.

“He” knows the meaning of love, and everyone, including all animals, will be just dandy.

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