“How Jewish Do You Have To Be?”

Judaism states your mother needs to be in order to practice, or you will have to undergo a conversion.  Yet, God reassures religion will be rendered obsolete in the coming of days, so the issue is instead about your background.

As you have 8 great-grandparents, you have 64 great-great-great-great grandparents, and if one didn’t live, you would not have been born.  Remember that.  The odds are they weren’t all Jewish, nor black, nor Filipino, nor unicorn, yet each from someplace else perhaps during the 18th or 17th centuries?  You may know who your grandparents were, but you may have to do some research about your great-grand parents as it might be hard to find out who each of your grandparents’ parents were.  Anyway, the odds are if your parents are Hungarian, one of their parents might not have been, yet could have been Czech or French, or even Lapland-Paraguayan combined?

The point is life forever, and someday you will meet the relatives of the past, so you may be able to have a family tree drawn up maybe dating back to the 1700s or so.  It might be difficult since you will have to find out who your grandparent’s grandparents are and you may also want to find out who their brothers and sisters, and their children, who are your cousins.  Well, some people will want to embark on that, while others may just want to mingle and instead meet strange and wonderful ancestors.  Yeah, you might think the people of the past can be odd, yet you will become accustomed.

Both of my folks are Jewish, yet God says I’m about 82.5%, and there’s no such thing as 100%, even for the some of the sequestered Pygmy peoples.

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