Doping At The Olympics

What if someone better than you didn’t make the Olympics, yet were snubbed by cheaters?  There are people out there that work out the best possible, and also as clean as possible, and what’s wrong with that?  Also, how can we see the truth in how good an athlete you really are if you juice up with junk?  And if you think you’re still pretty good, then try making the team straight-up without the dope.  Also, it’s very, very difficult to reach that caliber, and it’s understandable that you wanted to go for it, yet why do it as a joke?  And if you think you’re that talented, then go for it, yet at least do it courageously.

The same applies to dishonesty amongst the judges.  How can we know the truth if the best possible opponents lose?  Maybe I should do all of the judging, yet I know there are sincere people out there, right?

Also, everyone needs to learn to care about others.  So think of other people, including your opponent who is also doing the best possible.

During the days of Utopia, it will be all about fairness, and having a good time.

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