As The Psychic Medium Prophet King

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to announce this, yet God told me to give it a go, and it was done with a psychic feeling.  And this is how God communicates with me, so that I can reach out to everyone forever.

As a medium, I can tell you Stalin is still in jail, and is less of a S.O.B.  He knows the truth as to how life should be lived, rather than indulge in corruption.  Obviously, he’s come a long way and wants to play board games eventually, and knows that God has helped him see things.  Also, he’s talked to other people who have kind of coached him during the process, to learn a bit more about humanity.  Furthermore, he agrees the world should change and knows that people can do it, and that God will be with us forever.

As a prophet, I know there will be a peace on earth.

As King David, I say let’s joke around with those rabbits at the park, and the swan can whoop for attention too, until we give it a pat and allow it to nibble away saltines until we have that feeling God says enough.

So, I see that psychic operator in everyone possibly.  And what if “he” isn’t already communicating with you?

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