The Ten Commandments

God doesn’t want us to feel uptight over rules for all eternity, yet we know not to be immoral.  “He” will help us so that we have balance and moderation, yet feel like freer people.

God freed the people from Egypt, and told them this:  (and I will add my comment after each commandment)

1 – Thou shall have no other Gods before me.

  • There’s no reason to, since God is the only God.  Remember, this was a long time ago and people had to learn differently, and “he’s” not an angry, nor jealous being.

2 – God said no to idol making.

  • God wanted people to know that “he” is with them, and to follow “him.”

3 – Don’t take God’s name in vain.

  • That may mean to take “him” seriously, or not to dishonour “him.”  There was reason for the freed people from Egypt to respect God as “he” knew how to take care of them perfectly, but “he” isn’t a self-loving judge who needs people to idolize him.

4 – God said to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

  • It may instead be a relaxing day, and to have a nice Shabbot (Sabbath) dinner as well.  We will see, as it will be good for everyone.

5 – Honour your father and mother.

  • God wanted people to show respect, yet the parents need to be good as well.

6 – Thou shall not murder.

  • There’s no reason to, and all criminals belong in the dungeon.

7 – No to adultery.

  • If you agree to marry someone, why cheat or lie?

8 – Thou shall not steal.

  • There’s no reason to, and thieves go to the dungeon as well.

9 – Don’t bear false witness against your neighbour.

  • This commandment has to do with dishonesty, and there’s no reason to lie about others.

10 – You shall not covet neighbour’s belongings, such as his wife, ox.

  • And your neighbour doesn’t own his wife, nor do you own it.  Show respect for others, just as you would like them to respect you (The Golden Rule).

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