Being Underweight

I actually had this problem many years ago, yet I knew I wasn’t getting enough nutrition to my brain, and was also feeling terribly weak.  I still want to remain thin, and I know I have to eat as much possible to feel nourished.  So, even if I’m maybe a kg or two overweight, at least I do a little exercise to keep myself balanced.  Actually, I’ve lost some weight during the last few months, and I’m doing better by sticking with a minimal-to-moderate carbohydrate meal routine, allowing for ample protein.

Remember, God promised ideal weight and nice meals for all eternity, although do you want to wait 12.5 to 27 years before that happens?  Right, so if you have anorexia or bulimia, that’s a terrible thing, yet don’t worry about image.  It’s not your problem to fit into some type of standard for other people, as your body belongs to you.  So, even if you become a bit overweight, you need to eat otherwise your brain will stay rotted and dumb.  And of course, there’s also the possibility of dying too soon.  So, you need to eat moderately, and then perhaps work out once you have achieved normal weight.

Moreover, when you get older, you generally won’t be as thin as you were in high school, so say good riddance to that, and accept your body’s current weight need.  Don’t allow yourself to suffer like Bangladesh’s undernourished people, and maybe you can help out once you’ve recovered from your illness.

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