I see these television shows with obese folks eating humongous amounts of portions, then go on a regimented diet plan which I’m happy to hear of.  The problem is why do you need to overeat to begin with?  Your body can only handle so much, perhaps 2100 calories a day, yet you insist you can eat 2800 or even 3200?  And look what happened?  Right, you got fat!

God wants everyone to be healthy, so stick with balance. If you want more than usual, then exercise, and then maybe you can have an extra slice of pizza or some more fries, but don’t push yourself for it.  So, go with the flow, and eat until you know when is enough.

Also, think of the 700 million out there that don’t have enough food.  You know you don’t need extra, and save the second helping for someone else who may need it.  Also, think others around you watching you gorge giant servings.  You know you don’t need all of that, so instead chew some sugarfree gum right after your meals to help quell your desire to eat more than you should.  Right, it can be an emotional desire, and overeating is detrimental for you, mentally.  It can render you more of a spoiled person, and you don’t need that stigma.

I tell the rich folks they don’t need £30 dinner plates all the time, where I can do fine with grilled chicken, pasta, and vegetables for £7.  And I’m supposed to be wealthy someday, yet I don’t need lavish wine and caviar often to make a point that I have it too.  Although, I’ll take a nibble of that Venetian Sturgeon caviar from Italy which costs £225.25 and throw the rest away in the toilet because it’s just silly appetizer, and dinner is for the undernourished people would rather have something fulfilling like a Big Mac!

Moreover, God promised beautiful food in the days to come where we will eat without fear of getting bigger.  However, he didn’t say 4000 calories a day, but banana bread and butter with your eggs and potatoes once in a while won’t hurt.  It will be like that, and maybe some Jelly Bellies every now and then, and share some with your best mate as well.

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