Daily Exercise

I got back to it a month ago, and do my routine for about 35 – 45 minutes in the early mornings before my shower.  Because of this, my days are much improved as my stresses are much lower because the natural painkillers, called endorphins which are more produced.  Also, my thinking is clearer possibly due to increased blood flow to the brain.

Yep, working out is the best medication there is, and I recommend maybe 25 to 50 minutes a day.  If you work out for too long, or too aggressively, you may end up getting annoyed about the idea of doing it again the next day.  So, keep it moderate as best, and don’t worry about setting particular goals, like reaching the 5 kilometre mark on the treadmill.  Just have a good time, and it will be more about brain stimulation and peace of mind, rather than heart health in the days to come.

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