Drug Withdrawal

There are too many cannabis producers out there, and I don’t buy it that every other person needs marijuana.  I think it should be for those who may suffer without some type of pain alleviating system.

When I was 22, I was smoking maybe 1 or 2 Marlboro Light cigarettes maybe several times a week to look hip, whilst appreciating that nicotine high.  Eventually, I felt addiction set in, and got annoyed by it.  I then knew I had to quit, so maybe God gave me that feeling to run until I felt that craving disappear?  It’s just that I don’t often hear about exercise used as a treatment for drug abuse.

Also, I was misdiagnosed at one point and used Seroquel for a short while, which was a terrible drug for me.  The medication gave me an extremely annoyed, uptight feeling where I knew I had to run as long as possible to feel much more relaxed.  Then, I had to run again about 5 hours later, because it was still wasting its energies in my brain.  At least I felt relieved after another 45 minutes of hard running.  When I got off that drug, the running sessions went on for another few months, otherwise I might have had to use a prescription drug to treat that issue.

Even if you think you need opiates or marijuana to relive your pain, that’s acceptable.  However, at least try staying in shape.  It will at least help you feel freer, and God wants to also keep people from being sleepyheads.

Also, for your own well-being.

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