Is There Heavy Metal In Heaven?

I confess to appreciating some wild tunes, and even the punk genre may still be around for the next 5 Quattuordecillion years, plus more!  God primarily wants people to be nicer and more understanding, so listening to or playing rock isn’t going to make you an evil person, yet if you think parts of it may, then back off.

I listen to hours of music throughout the day to help me relax, and there’s not much else to do, yet read and write, and sometimes I will go online to look for some decent conversation.  Anyway, I just do the best I can when it comes to choosing the tunes, and God says about 80% more or less of the world’s music will carry on forever.  I’m not sure which ones will not?  God has referred to cheap, processed junk or albums that were copied from others.  It is true there are still criminals out there trying to make a buck one way or another, and making music should be regarded as an art, and should you sell it, then terrific.  I just don’t want to listen to music made by charlatons, and want musicians just do the best possible, and be fair to everyone else.

And Charlie Parker wants you to try some jazz tunes as well, yet knows bluegrass can be soothing too.  He knows patience is an issue, as the world is still a difficult place, yet it will be repaired.

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