No More Tragedies

These school shootings are amongst the worst, and no one wants to lose our planet’s beautiful children, yet God promised they aren’t dead.

I can tell you they might have gone though a brief process where they may have been confused and trancey, before entering the gates of heaven, where God or someone else can talk with them.

God promised world peace, and evidentially these terrible things will cease to exist.  Also, the “dead” will return as specified here:

Isaiah 26:19 The Stone Edition “May Your dead come to life, may my corpses arise.  Awake and shout for joy, you who rest in the dirt!”

I don’t know when that will be, and I admit to worrying about some of my elderly family members, yet God promised I will see them all, just as Parkland, Florida’s grieving folks will be reunited with their children, and teachers, forevermore.

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