God Is Good

Most people see “him” as a judge, yet we need to know “he” is consummately understanding.  God’s caring nature is beyond us, and knows the truth is not to fear “him” but regard “him.”  “His” empathy for the world tell us it’s wrong to punish, but instead teach a lesson.

  • God tells the atheist to consider the possibility.  “Take your head out of the sand, and wonder where some of your dreams came from.”
  • The Buddhist monks live by kindness, and God tells them to go play Dominos as well, then go hiking the next day, and should you go back to the monastery, at least indulge in a long nap because it’s a sleepy place anyway.
  • The wise Catholic then remarks the church is home for the poor and humble, and then God says build them a fine condominium, and make sure there are tennis courts and an Olympic-size pool just like the rich folks on Park Avenue.
  • A daily fast is sought by the Druze, then God tells them to at least pick your favourite bagel for lunch, because you need a little nutrition and why wait till suppertime?
  • “Vedanta keeps us from straying from wickedness” remarks the Hindu, then God reassures him all thieves will go to the dungeon, and to take yourself out bowling with others as there’s nothing corrupt about having a good time.
  • The Jain mendicant points out he struggled during the 37 years of duty keeping the five vows, then God tells him to seek love, and that nice nun is awfully lonely too.
  • A dialogue between John and Jesus is referred by a Mandaean, “that even Gandhi acknowledged Christ.”  So God tells him that perhaps some of Jesus’ words were wise, yet the truth is a even few baby back ribs won’t hurt, as moderation is the key.
  • Purification is needed otherwise we will forget goodness” remarks the Shinto adherent.  God tells him to surf instead, and then to spend time with his family that evening.  “I will be with you for all eternity.” – God

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